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Child Support

Children have a legal right to be supported by their parents but is it a fair system? Does the Government need to revise the child support system to make it fair on both sides? Why is it that fathers have it harder than mothers when it comes to custody and support? I know I'm not the only one that thinks it's unfair how the system automatically thinks the best interest of the child is with the mother instead of the father. There are good fathers out here and how the system portrays fathers is wrong, most of the time it's a bitter baby mother or ex that makes it hard for that father to see their kid or kids. The father can do everything right but it doesn't matter because it's what they are supposed to do. But as soon as they mess up they get no chances, I understand that all instances are not like this sometimes the roles are reversed but it's rare. What makes one person a better parent than the other? I understand that back in the day the man was the breadwinner, but times have changed and the system needs to change with it. It is unfair that the mother gets first to look at anything when it comes to the child. I understand that they carry the child for 9 months but that isn't the fault of the father that they aren't the one carrying the child, that's how nature has it, and who are we to change that. If the shoe was on the other foot would the courts lean more towards the fathers? The judge always says we are doing this for the best interest of the child but how could they know what the best interest of that child is? Have they been with both parties and know how they act or what they do? How can they make that decision off on what both parties make and their living situations? Money isn't the only thing that raises kids' discipline, being there and being in their life is what matters. Kids don't know anything about the money they will remember the times you spent with them when they grow up not the money you spent when you weren't there. Don't get me wrong all mothers aren't like this but it's the bitter ones that make a good father's life so hard. I could go on this discussion forever and I know I will get backlash on this but it's the truth. I want to hear from you if you are open to an open discussion as adults we can do it. I'm open to discussion Choose whom you sleep with wisely a slip-up can change your life for the better or worst!!!!

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